How can I get a 2nd chance with a guy who is "done" because of my drama queen antics? How can I show him I've changed?

We've been seeing each other for a little over a year. We've had our share of arguments. We're both at fault but I tend to dramatically over react to things. I see the error of my ways & am really working on changing. I guess last night was the final straw. I felt ignored, that really sets me off. So, I texted some things that I regret. He texted me back saying that he's "done. completely". I know he's pissed. I'm hoping when he calms down, he'll rethink things. I may have really screwed up. I know things could be different but how can I show him? Moving on isn't an option right now, I really really care about him


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  • Ok for one thing you really shouldn't listen to any woman's opinion on this topic. Second, go over there to him unannounced and apologize. After that see psychologist and maybe invite him to see where the communication between you is getting mixed up. Let him know you are getting help and he will give you that chance, but if you aren't doing something drastic he more than likely not give you that chance.


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  • but you were not happy with him. what he call antics was you trying to communicate dissatisfaction albeit possibly poorly done.

    why do you want to beg him back just to be unhappy?


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