Ex boyfriend troubles?

he texts me everyday even when i dont reply... just recently he got drunk with his mates and started texting me asking me to meet him and saying we need to talk.. then he said he dosnt wamna talk he just wants us to be good and for me not to be mad, the most confusing part he said "i still have feelings for you, i just dont want u to hurt anymore" he's really getting on my last nerve and i hate myself for not hating him, but i dont thunk i like him atal. what does he mean by all thiw or is he just bs'ing why does he text me everyday


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't waste your time with him..
    He sounds like an abusive person and manipulative.
    He's intentionally putting himself in this incoherent state for you to feel sorry for him.. if anything, making you feel guilty that you are causing him to get intoxicated..

    Be careful..


What Girls Said 1

  • Drunk words are sober thoughts


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