Guys, would you take me back?

I had this boyfriend and we were together for maybe two months but his ex came back into the picture and I let my emotions overrun my common sense... basically our conversation ended with "If you have feelings for her, I don't even want to be with you" and hung up. He texted me a sad face which I ignored. The following Monday at school he told me over the weekend his ex and he reconciled... it crushed me. and the more I think about it the more upset I get and I don't want to make another mistake so I need advice. Would you take me back? If so, what would someone have to do to win you back?

please respond. thank you. :]


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  • If I were you I wouldn't worry about whether or not he'd take you back.

    Your life shouldn't revolve around whether or not you're single or whether or not he feels for you back.

    What you need to do is tell him you're sorry you overreacted and you hope he understands why you got upset.

    Now, if he didn't tell you his ex was back in the picture, you tell him that it hurt you that he wasn't honest.

    If he did tell you, you say you're sorry you rejected his effort to communicate with you.

    The thing is you don't want to make your life a competition against this ex nor do you want to make his life difficult by having to "choose". If he honestly wants to be with you, he will. If you care about him it shouldn't be conditional based on whether or not you're together.

    Yes it will hurt if he chooses the other, but you have to recognize that it probably isn't an easy thing for him to do either. Keep that in mind.



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  • I would because I find it hard to get over my ex's but I had a slightly similar story with one of my gf's and she wouldn't have me back...


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