Love and pain what can a guy do?

im talking to this girl on facebook and she told me that she doesn't wanna rush into a relationship because in the two previous ones she was abused my question is why does it seems hard for girls to open up but doesn't want a guy that is new into the picture help them move on what can a guy do too help her move on im trying my best to too talk to her we have been talking for a fee day's but it seems longer i don't know what to do at this point i need advise from anybody.


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  • well is better for anyone that has deal with pain, specially abusive and toxic relationships to take their own time to heal those wounds. It helps them see where they messed up, what they could do better to avoid another toxic relationship, to find out who they are. Is not exactly, covering the scar with a bandaid. Is completely healing it so it doesn't come up again. So she needs space and support. Not being rushed. Be patient


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  • The best thing you can be is there for her. It takes a lot of time to heal and while having a person there to help is greatly appreciated. They don't want you to rush them in any way or to help fix it. Let her take her time to heal and when she is ready she will let you know.


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