Why did my ex get my a Christmas gift?

My ex and I were long distance. We broke up in March. We stayed super close up with each other until around oct and we started talking (mostly facetiming) less and less, but still fairly frequently. For about 12 days leading up to nearly Christmas time we didn't speak at all. Which was the longest we have ever gone without speaking since we broke up... anyway, He sent me a gift in the mail & I was very surprised. I didn't think he was getting me anything so I didn't get him anything. he got me something I had casually mentioned that I wanted to have in a conservation a couple months ago. I kind of feel bad I didn't get him anything, but I'm super surprised that he even bought me something considering we have been barely speaking the past month.

Why do you think he bought me a gift? It was certainly super appreciated and perfect, but now I'm confused if it's a friend thing or more cause I usually don't get friends gifts.


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  • It's obvious he still wants you. Why are you still friends with your ex? Why are you both so involved in each other's lives to begin with? Staying that close will do nothing but prevent you both from finding that special someone. You need to decide whether you want him in your life as a partner or not at all, when it comes to relationships it really is black and white.


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  • Probably still sees you as a close/special person if anything a friend


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