Girls, Having a hard time dealing with the fact my ex of 1.5 years broke up with me over the phone and strung me along for a month. Help?

Need some advice please as I'm really struggling!

I texted him saying are you happy with me then he said stop bringing up shit and wouldn't talk to me at all. I got annoyed and was like well maybe we need a bit of a break beause we'd been arguing a lot and it was exhausting. He then said he didn't want to talk to me indefinitely and was textng me saying I'm not sure if I can do this anymore then denying it. I wrongly kept texting him and didn't give him the space but I didn't know what the f to do or where I stood - I wanted a break for a couple of days not ages like this.

We met up after nearly a week not speaking and sorted some things out - he wanted me to stop being so resentful for things he'd done to me in the past and told me a whole heap of things he was upset with me for. He'd never been upset with me before ever so I was blindsided. He said he needed more space indefinitely but I said I'd give him five days cos I couldn't cope in the limbo I felt like I was dying.

Met up second time he told me he never wanted to break up with me and we sorted things out. The next day we speak on the phone and I say was he sorry for just ignoring me for days on end when he knew how upset I was and how abandoned it made me feel. (I would have been ok if he'd said it was for a set time but he left me indefinitely) Then he tells me I'm wrong for crying at him and gets angry and breaks up with me on the phone and drops my stuff off

He wants to be back together the next day but I have to make it up to him. Half a week later we go out and it's nice but he starts an argument bc I get upset when he tells me we wouldn't be together at all if I hadn't backed down. Tells me everything is fine.

Few days later I text him on way back in the evening teasing him asking if he misses me. He gets annoyed. We speak on the phone and he tells me I'm a horrible person, that I've changed. Keeps telling me he loves me but that he's not sure. Then breaks up with me on the phone again.


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  • This is a very sensitive situation.
    but I think your relationship is quite toxic..
    You seem like you need love and affection and reassurance (a bit like me), you're quite sensitive and he doesn't seem like that person to give you those things. He seems opposite.. a bit more practical and less in touch with his sensitive side

    Either you both need to accept each other's wants and needs or you guys need to move on. There's way too much stress and back and forth and it seems pretty draining.

    Give him some time.. like real time apart. no texts, phone calls anything. I know it's hard and you may feel like he could move on or stop loving you and you'll probably miss him like hell.. but give him space for him to sort himself out and know what he really wants because clearly he's confused. Maybe he needs to actually miss you for him to realise how special you are..

    You getting annoyed or upset with him because he wanted space is just going to remind him of the bad times together and he's going to pull away

    • Thanks for your reply. The relationship is definitely over. He told me I had pushed him away by not giving him space but at the same time I couldn't cope with the silent treatment and just being left in limbo.

      I know it's over but I just want to feel better and not like crap anymore. It just hurts so much that he could end it over the phone when he loved me for two years :(

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    • exactly! like I won't get to share any close times like that with him again, any in jokes, any just chilling, no cuddles, can't go back in time. even in my head I can't relive those memories now as it makes me sad/ and we can't be friends which sucks

      thank you you seem like such a nice person! if you need someone to speak to same goes for you! I probably will inbox you at some point if that's okay with you.

    • yeah I went through a similar situation and you remind me a bit of me in a way.. So I can totally relate.

      Aww, Thank you 😊

      Yeah I don't mind at all

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