My ex blocked me on facebook after 6months of our breakup?

Me and my ex boyfriend were dating just for 2months we had an amazing chemistry with each other. Its been 6months and i still can't seem to get over him. Recently my ex had messaged me telling that he's blocking me on fb for some personal issues i dont know why would he do that? i never use to bother him with my calls or messages then why would he block me? i want to know whether he will unblock me?


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  • That's because he probably still isn't completely over you and wants to completely erase you out of his life for good so he can move on. Or he already is completely over you and doesn't think there's a point of baving you involved in any part of his life because the past is the past.

  • If he is over her, he won't block him up...
    I'm also considering this step, but it will definitely show that I'm a weak person.
    He blocked you, because he suffer not having you closer to him... He miss you and perhaps he want you back, but he's self esteem is quite big, so he is expecting you to look forward to him.

    • He tld me he has a girlfriend but I don't know how true that is cause the last time i spoke to him he tld me there isn't anything as such he keeps confusing me he tells me he loves me but then he behaves weird and rude. I just use to share certain quotes on fb and he use to always like it and then randomly he decides to block me :/ he told me we can still chat on whatsapp though :s

    • He cares about you for sure, but he want to be the dominant one, I don't know what to tell you
      but if he's a person that will threat you bad, it's better to cut any communication.
      No one deserve to be mocked like that, you have feelings for him and he act's like he's god.

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