Guys, My ex of over 7 years is sending half naked photos. Why is he doing this?

So over 7 years ago my ex and I split up. In that time I moved on and am now happily married. On and off my ex has been messaging me when drunk telling me how attractive I am. I admit it is always nice to receive a compliment, but I ensured I told him that he shouldn't be speaking to me in this way. Recently however he sent half naked photos of himself when drunk. I told him it was inappropriate and to respect my marriage and his girlfriend. He split with me so I don't understand why he is bothering to contact me. Can anyone provide any incite? I was happy to be friends before he decided to send the photos.


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  • Noone can be that clueless, you know exactly why he's sending them.

    you're confused cus you know deep down part of you wants to message him back and have some fun exchanging messages but you know you shouldn't. The real question here is if you want him to respect your marriage and he clearly isn't, why you haven't blocked his number. He's a horny ex, he has no reason to respect your marriage... but YOU do. So why haven't you blocked him/stopped replying to him?

    Stop lying to yourself, admit that part of you wants to do something bad and either act on it or block him. I say block him but its your call.

    • Thank you, it's good to get an opinion that is straight to the point. I've been kidding myself on that he really just wants to be my friend and that that could be possible. When in reality I enjoy having my ego stroked and he simply just wants to get into my knickers. It helps to see it in black and white from someone else. Off I go to block him and cleanse myself of his nonsense. Thanks again

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    • I definitely will! Thanks for the kick up the butt I needed. Already coming up with plans for the hubby. Time to reconnect and show him just how amazing I think he is. And time to work on my self esteem issues that have clearly caused this in the first place

    • You have no reason to develop self esteem issues. You can't be all that bad cus after all, you found a dude who is willing to spend the REST OF HIS LIFE WITH YOU!
      you're awesome Asker, remember that. But definitely do surprise the dude :)
      Valentines Day doesn't just have to be once a year, you can make it as often as you want, correct? ;)

  • Something similar happ

    • *happened to me this fall. Don't not respond and block the number.

    • Thank you, I've decided to grow a pair and block the arse. We split up for a reason, and I'm not putting up with his bullshit anymore. Especially when I have the most amazing man to come home to at night :-)

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