Omg! What do I do?

I dated a girl a year and a half ago. I was busy with school, and acted distant and planned boring dates. Soon after we kind of ghosted each other. Then I realised what I had done, and tried to get close to her again, and it was working. We would text a lot, and sit with each other in class. So one day I asked her out tell him I still liked her, and I wanted to be more than friends. She agreed to get coffee with me, and then when I texted her to pick a date she told me she "didn't want any sort of relationship!" So I backed off, and I left during the summer for L. A., because I got accepted into Keck University for medicine. Anyways, when I got back home I saw her, and it felt like someone kicked me in the chest. Why do I still care about her? How do I move on? I thought I was over her. My friend says "you're going to be a doctor, and better off than she will ever be!"

But I don't find this reassuring. Any advice?


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  • 1. Becoming a doctor will never make you better than someone else. Don't buy into that class-conscious God-complex crap!

    2. You probably know that you hurt her and you feel guilty about that. You would like to make the situation right but she is not giving you the opportunity to do that.

    3. We almost always most want what we can't have.

  • Yes advice is to move on. She told you she wasn't looking for a relationship with you and you bolted. Why do you think that changes now? Move on and focus on your studies


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