Why does my pride ruining all the good things?

I was talking to this girl for 4 months we dated a month before we had a huge misunderstanding and we haven't spoke since.

one night she asked me "what do I see us as" and I said "I see us as dating but not a relationship" ( in my eyes we're still figuring each other out so I see it as dating) I told her that but she thought I was saying it in a way of just using her. :( but I said I'm only dating you until we know each other well where we make that commitment where we're comfortable.

like she's a great girl but it was like she was trying to move to fast and I just wanted her to slow down so we could know each other better, but I guess everybody sees everything differently.

I mi haven't talked to her since last month when I had to take her stuff back, but she still look at my snapchat. I want to speak to her but my pride is all in the way :(


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What Girls Said 2

  • It's best to leave it where it's at. If she was the one u would have swallowed ur pride a long time ago and talk to her. Plus i don't see what was wrong with what u said

  • You haven't found the right girl


What Guys Said 1

  • Simple question man: Do you like her?


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