Why am I so jealous?

Sometimes I get really jealous and I don't know why. I get jealous at things like when I feel like a friend of mine is getting closer with someone else and leaving me out. I don't know why I can't just be happy for them. The last time I was out with a friend and people from her job I ended up leaving and getting mad at her for ignoring me. Which now thinking about it she wasn't ignoring me that much, yea it was weird for me cause they all knew each other but I don't know why I can just hang out and let it be. Instead I have to make a big deal about it. Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with being jealous, and how do they handle it.


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  • I don't exactly get super jealous all the time.. last I got jealous was these 2 times in the last 4 months.. one day by best friend made a post about how great another friend of hers was and how she'd not made it through some issues if it had not been for her on her Facebook status.. A little part of me was kind of p*ssed.. I'd been her friend for 10 years and never got a big thank you from her.. but then I started to think about it.. I live 9 hours away from her.. and her other friend live 20 minutes away.. her other friend is able to be there for her more than i.. I was grateful I didn't say anything to her about it and relaxed about the situation.. and then thought about how grateful I was to have her as a good friend for so long and how I don't need to push her way for some stupid reason. Since then she's been confiding in me way more.. we talk almost everyday.. and if I'd called her and bitched about her it probably would of had the opposite affect..

    The other time was when from a time with my boyfriend who was my ex from a long time back, I had found some pics of this girl he had dated between our time apart and it made me soooo jealous.. someone he no longer talked to, or called, or loved, but it still bothered me so much.. I mean, I'd dated others, but I didn't care.. as far as I felt he was my property and I hated the thought of some girl that was not as attractive as i, had more weight on her than i, didn't relate to him as much as I had slithered her ugly pictures into his belongings at some point in time.. lol.. I did say something to him.. very simple and not rude.. Just, you still have pictures of her.. and he said, Sweetie, there is a lot of dust on them.. forgot they were there. And I let it go.. though I still felt somewhat jealous.. I decided I would just over come it by overdoing her.. I gave him a gazillion pictures of me looking good and then felt so much better, lol..

    Even though you might get p*ssed at times.. a lot of the reasons we get jealous over stuff is really ridiculous.. just try to think about what is bothering you for a moment before you say or do something you regret.. you will probably think to yourself later how you were glad you blew it off and made yourself look bad or lose someone you care about.

    You just need to think to yourself.. before you walk away or say anything.. why am I angry.. am I blowing this out of proportion.. It won't hurt to bit your tongue act like it's all ok even if it's not to you in your mind.. then go home and think about the night.. were your frustrations really that big of a deal.. if they were after you have had time to rethink everything and to cool off.. then call her or go talk to her about what happened.. be careful how you word everything.. if you have over frustrated, it could anger your friend after awhile..

  • maybe its because she's one of your closest friends? you just want her to b there for you and not hav other friends?


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