Guys, Have I been played?

i meet this guy, he was drinking a lot when we started seeing each other.
He used to lay he's head in my lap when he was drunk and cry telling me he was scared that i would leave him.. we lived togheter for 3 months and one day he just took his tings and left me without telling me.. he was scared i was leaving him and then he just leaves me like he dident even care..
after that i have had a hard time letting go of him becaus when he is drunk he tells me he has feelings for me but when he is sober he says he has no feelings.
i am verry confused.
it feels like he has some sort of feelings for me but he doesent want a relationship.
but he still want me in his life..
what should i do? I love him..


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  • You should be happy that he left, sounds like a blessing in disguise. For one, he sounds like a drunk and two, it sounds like he has emotional problems and commitment issues.

    • In my heart i know you are right:-)
      but a part of me still loves him and dont want to give up on him when he struggles and now he needs me more then ever..
      But i have tried to be there for him for a year now and treats me like crap when all i do is be nice to him..
      So you are right i should be happy..
      I will start this year fresh without any pain..
      Thank you! :-)

    • You're welcome. Have a happy new year!!

    • Thank you.. the same to you🥂🎉😚

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  • Find someone sincere. He was just handing you lines, saying what he knew you wanted to hear. Sorry!

  • A poem that would being him back to you may be? Write it and send it to him.


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