Why do some guys lie after a break up?

Mt ex boyfriend told a few coworkers “Kim and I were never together. We were just really good friends” I said”Ok, whatever he says”

Then a week ago he comes up to me and says my hair looks nice and it was nice to see you” I stopped talking to him all together because he so full of crap. Then last week I told him yea that’s why I ended it because you kept making excuses. He said “NO, I ended don’t try me” I said “wow It doesn’t matter now”

I dont care if he disown the whole relationship... but why. Its pointless.. I just go along with it now.


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  • Your boyfriend is probably flustered. He's just upset that it ended. Don't mind him. Just be you, sometimes it's better to ignore your ex. (I think its better that you don't take any interest in him at all.)


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