Commitment issues?

My first long term relationship broke up with me because he was afraid of commitment, yet we've been together for two years? I don't understand why. What kind of behavior is this?


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  • He was afraid of responsability or scared he will "loose his freedom" though you should be his freedom, they usually do it when pressured by it because it seems like a huge step for them

    • Im his first girlfriend and I'm at a loss, it came out of nowhere and he said it just popped up in his head

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    • It is too early to come to the conckusion that is over until you are certain he does not want to speak to you anymore, hear those words straight from him

    • thank you!

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  • You can't trust the reasons people give you for breaking up. "Afraid of commitment" sometimes just means "Afraid to commit to you". Sometimes that just means "we don't have enough common interests".

  • I think he did not see anything long term (like marriage). Did his behavior suddenly change before he said this?

    • Yeah he was distant, and when I asked he said this just popped in his head recently. I don't get it, I'm so confused. You go out with someone for two years then just suddenly get scared of commitment...

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    • We just spent Christmas together and everything seemed fine, now this...

    • That sounds a bit cowardly to be honest for him to wait till right after Christmas. I don't know exactly why he did what he did but I would hate to think he planned this for some time to wait until after Christmas.

  • maybe that was just a excuse to break up with you


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