Would you leave your girlfriend if she is disturbing your career growth?

I was living with a girl. personally its going great. but she is not allowing me to work. taking so much of my time and space. should i leave her? i talked to her already. no use. she's made that way.


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  • I think you should try talking to her again. Seriously state that this is becoming an issue for you. If she refuses to listen, leave for a day or two and see where she's at when you get back. If nothing has changed, then considering leaving her.

    • I tried lot of stuff to tell her and focus on my career. sometimes i feel like i don't want to go home and stay in office and work. it's hitting me real hard.

Most Helpful Guy

  • YES!

    Women are great! You can have a great relationship and be fulfilled by having the right woman by your side. HOWEVER you should NEVER put women as the absolute priority of your life. The absolutely priority in life should be your career growth!

    Because remember: you can get a great career and then get all the women you want OR you can dump all your eggs into one woman, sacrifice your career, and then having nothing left when she leaves you for someone else.

    Source: I sacrificed many relationships and now I am getting my PhD and have little problem attracting women!


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  • If your job is more important than your relationship then yeah I guess so.


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  • Men should never shack up. Here's a reasonable explanation: therationalmale.com/2011/10/06/shacking-up/

  • Yes, your girlfriend should want you to succeed. Tell her again to give you time and space, if she doesn't listen leave her, focus on your work and find someone who understands. That relationship will last longer because of it and you'll both have a better time when you're rolling in it


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