Am I right to walk away from someone I felt the best connection with?

I was dating someone for nearly a year, I thought he was perfect for me. If I had a list of boxes to tick of what I was looking for in a partner, he would tick every box and even more boxes that I didn't even know I wanted. We got on amazingly well both mentally and physically, we just fit perfectly together. That said, the relationship was never perfect, we had many break ups over little things;
1. He'd often cancel dates and I'd get annoyed.
2. At the start he took a long time to come off the dating sites.
3. We never met each other's friends or family.
4. He never put me first.
5. He was always too busy with work or his family or his own plans every time I invited him somewhere so I always had to go on my own.

In the end we decided we couldn't keep putting each other through the break ups so we split up but remained in contact. We both rejoined dating sites but as we couldn't stop talking to each other we decided to meet up and talk... then we got back together and we met a couple more times that week then I hid my dating profile but I noticed that he'd updated his profile (better pics, better description) AFTER we got back together. I felt completely betrayed. He didn't know I was on that site so he was doing this behind my back. I confronted him and since then he's gone quiet, he didn't apologise, he just acknowledged that he shouldn't have been on there. He has since removed the profile but still hasn't spoken to me.
I feel like I've lost everything, I was crazy about him. Part of me thinks we had so many issues, it was never going to work. Another part of me thinks he was my perfect match. Perhaps I wasn't perfect for him, I don't know. I don't know if or how I'm going to move on.


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  • just mismanagement of events caused. you guys are good, i see pride, lack of contentment. Read mytakes for help.

  • Wow, you are going way too much into something that really didn't materialize..

    • Materialize was the wrong word lol I mean a concrete relationship.

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