Why do all ex boyfriends come back?!

even if it takes a year or two? lol


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  • Because I really think it takes them THAT LONG to really realize what they had. When men break up, I don't think they really think about teh consequences and look at the future that well. Men live in the moment. But at some point down the road, they stop and say Hey, I miss that girl I broke up with 5 years ago! Same goes with men that go out with a girl then don't call them for months on end. I

    • Thats soo true they say they would never come backk! and they have this highhhhh ego but then two years later they realise what they had and they come backkk!!!

    • Hello, girls. 4 month ago my boyfriend broke up with me, we had good time together-7 months-and now I am totally down, I want him back, but he sais-never ever. so he texted me few times after break up to see how I am, we had sex, but now nearly 1 month-nothing. you said need years for them to realize what they miss.oh, god, how I can wiat 2-3 years?

    • Dude like honestly I dated this guy for 8 months and b4 that I was his bff he was obsessed with me but over all he broke up with me 6 months ago and then I saw him somewehre and we made out and stuff and he wanted to ask me out again but he listened to other people and didn't =[ and its been four days I haven't seen him he said he would never get back with me =[ but we allllllll kno how guys work they want something that they can't have pretend you don't care and don't text him...for 2 months or anything

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  • Their douche-bag meter must be dead and they're just looking for a recharge.

    Ignore 'em. :)

    • Haha no I think its hella sickkkk!!! ;)

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  • Dont think all ex boyfriends come back,the first two of mine came back one month after but that was because I dumped them,but currently I was dumped,and he said he would never come back.

    • Yeah he told me the same thing my ex boyfriend said he WOULD never get back with me but if you ignore him and not talk to him for awhile then they realise what they had honestlyyy...they think about us every night we were part of their life you kno..

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    • Cause who the f cares what has happend b4 if you like him and he comes back and you like what you had with him then it shouldnt be about anything but love you kno! you can fall in love with someone all over again only if you start hanging out with them a lot trust me it happens espacially the ones that already had feelings for eatch other

    • Well,I was thinking like that at the start,but it hurt so much when he told me to go out and meet some other guys and he told me about the girls he met,I was jealous to death and feeling so upset,so I swore I wouldn't let that happen again,and he's told me no matter what I do,it won't change one thing,we are good friends and will always be! I thought about doing it but what if it ain't gonna change anything,I would be the one who get hurt ever more at the end.

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