Why can't I get over my ex?

We went out for about 9 months and he ended it randomly and it came as such a shock because I thought we were so in love. It's been 2 months. We had 1 month of NC and have had 2 chats to catch up/discuss then break up and I love talking to him but I do think they make me more sad but I don't know how to get over him otherwise. All my friends tell me I can do so much better and he's so insignificant but i just miss the hell out of him and feel so lonely and crave his attention like hell. In the relationship I didn't even want to be around him that much to be honest, it was always him all over me and now I'm a mess and want to be with him 24/7. I cannot stop thinking about him and there are days where I just cry because I wish things were how they were a year ago. I'm so sick of feeling sad as I'm only 17, can someone please help me? I can't exactly cut off contact with him because he's in my classes and he is at every party as well as tons of mutual friends that I'm with daily
Please help me on this cx


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  • The reason you can't get over your ex is bcz you haven't found anyone else (better and worthit) and since you're only 17 then trust me you're gonna meet 'A lot' of guys, some would be nice and some would be jerks but the important thing is life carries the fuck on! and time heals everything so don't worry and don't give your ex much importance he's not worth it!

    • But I don't really want to find someone else? I can't be bothered with another boyfriend at the moment due to school.. does that mean I can't get over him until I find someone better? I just want to be happy single and over it

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    • Thank you. I really should stop even he said he isn't worth my tears my heart just doesn't know how :( maybe I need to give it more time?

    • yea give it some time and without a doubt, you'll get over it. if you see him around do not show him that you care even if u do, show him you don't give a f**k anymore, he'll be like whaaaat?😂

  • Honestly just sounds like you miss the attention he used to give you without giving much back in return before he broke it off. Just learn from how you could improve for any future relationships and learn to move on. You'll have to learn to fill that craving of attention from growing to appreciate yourself more and not needing validation, it'll help a lot.

    • Hmm maybe I do miss the attention but I miss talking to someone all the time and having someone to hang out with in a romantic way as well

    • It sounds like you're afraid to be single too. Just try and develop yourself more into the person who you want to be, and that way you find people who you are more compatible with instead of basically living off of someone's attention

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  • Just give it a couple months hings will get better.


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