Guys, My best friend messaged my ex fiancé to try to get us back together. Is there hope?

I'm still in love with my ex and things ended abruptly. He broke up with me. Unknown to me my best friend messaged him today in an attempt to get us talking again. Once they had finished talking she told me she had reached out to him. He was extremely open with her about the problems and concerns that he had in the relationship. Said that I was the one and that he thinks about me in every capacity everyday and that "maybe" he will contact me but that now is not the time. I'm extremely confused because we are clearly both feeling the same way and yet he doesn't feel like he can talk to me. Any insight would be great because I am beyond confused. What do you think?
We were under a lot of external pressures. The majority of which have now subsided. There were then some deaths in his family and he said he couldn't cope with the stress.


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  • If what you say is true that the reason for the two of you to break up has changed then there is a definite possibility you can work things out. Just be careful though as some guys may make up excuses to end a relationship. Please be careful.

    • I was in a lengthy court battle with my ex partner over my daughter and it was extremely stressful. That has now ended and he is no longer a part of our lives. Also, he his business had made a loss which has now been recovered. Our problems weren't with each other or something the other person had done. It's sad we spent Christmas apart and now new year im really hoping that he reaches out at some point even if it's just so this can be ended in a nicer way.

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    • We spent hours talking about everything the other day. I'm approaching the situation with extreme caution. I feel like he needs to be the one to approach me with the bigger things seeing as he was the one that ended it.

    • That is true, he needs to make sure things won't end the same way a second time

  • what was the reason for break up

    • Just updated the question

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    • He has blocked me so I can't do that. Thank you for answering I feel better now.

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