Ex boyfriend keeps on calling but won't get back together-should I stop contact?

Month ago breakup. Left me with no warning and moved back to hometown. together 3.5 years. I was 1rst relationship. Everything was wonderful no fights, got along splendidly.

He calls every 2 days and talks about general things. Tells me he loves me, misses me. Wants to come down in a month to see me. Acts like he wants to be together but doesn't mention it. I told him I don't see the point of being friends with someone who is not coming back. He still continues to call, says "well don't you want to talk every 2 days or so?".He acts like the break up is no big deal, and that he's just hanging out for awhile. I told him, and his family has told him he broke up a good thing. He says he knows that.

I'm thinking about stopping all contact and not answering phone. I don't want him to forget me, but rather for him to miss me and want to come back. I don't understand why he's doing this or broke up with me- things were good. help please?


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What Guys Said 1

  • tell him to leave you alone until you contact him... he did not want you in the past, he does not want you currently , what about your future? He is prolonging your pain and I honestly don't think you should allow it unless you get a thrill out of the pain. You are your worst enemy right now so first have a hard look at yourself and ask yourself some hard questions if this is what you want ...


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he's got some unresolved issues of his own. Did you ask him specifically why he keeps calling if he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you? If he evades the answer yet again, I'd cut him off. He's playing some silly game

    • Yes,I do believe that's why he left, issues on his part. I just wish he would be honest and would have told me, he hon, I'm leaving for awhile, I have some unresolved issues, then I would have understood. Yes, I've asked him why he doesn't come back, and he doest say anything.

      Do you think I should stop talking to him?

    • Yes, honestly, I think it would be a good idea to cut him off completely, at least for a while. At this point he's just stringing you along, keeping you lined up, and essentially keeping your wound open. You gave him plenty of opportunity to clarify where he stands and to answer your questions.Since he keeps refusing to put your situation into perspective, I think you should definitelly refuse to keep hanging.He won't forget you;my guess is he will want to go back to you if you stand your ground

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