Guy I'm seeing won't accept it's over?

I was with him for 48hours and in this time his phone would ring and he wouldn't answer it. I know it was other girls who he claimed he doesn't speak to.
This girl who he claims is a friend phoned him at 3am when I was with him. I know cause we were watching a movie on his phone.
He also previously was messaging this girl whilst with me which I caught him and we had a big argument over it and he said he won't talk to her again. Obvious lied.

Anyway this isn't the only issue one minute I'm his girlfriend next I'm not. He throws digs at me sometimes when I say I'm pretty or think I am or I look nice.

Anyway after she called him a couple days ago I cut him off he has been begging me ever since and doesn't seem to get the hint I don't want to know him anymore

He is saying he will cut her off but it's just to late I warned him twice before this and he doesn't even a knowledge his rude comments and tbh I'm not asked to tell him.

What do I do?

He keeps messaging me and he wants me in his life and stuff no matter how rude I am to him


Most Helpful Guy

  • Stop taking his calls


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd stick to my guns, block his number and move on. If people can't be honest and loyal without being monitored they aren't worth being in a relationship with. You've argued over it and he knew full well how you felt but continued anyway


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  • You stand by your words "cutt him off"


What Girls Said 3

  • Block his number.

  • Block.

  • What do you mean, what do you do? You've got a ton of evidence here telling you what to do.


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