My ex set me up... Now it hurts like hell. And now I'm in some hot water?

My ex set me up said he still ," cared " and "love me" . We've have been talking for 2 weeks and then he broke the news and hurted me like hell. Only problem is I promised my guy friend I wouldn't talk to my ex , and I know my guy friend will be mad as hell. And he might find out before I can get a chance to talk to him. I tried to cover it up, and say I was playing along , but I know that was a stupid move. I would want to talk to my guy friend in private and let him know. But I'm afraid in a matter of 3 days it would be too late.


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  • Happens a lot. He will get over it. Its your life and choice.


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  • It's your guy friend. Who cares.


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