What should I do about this guy being a idiot?

This guy and I we're friends and I always secretly think he kinda likes me cause he acts that way and we were dating but then my friend became single and started dating him. but I still kinda thought he liked me. Then yesterday I was talking to him and he started getting really mad at me cause I said all the guys at our school are douches as a joke. He started getting really mad so I became defensive and told him he doesn't deserve his (new, I used to be his gf) girlfriend cause she could do so much better, then he said I was annoying and no one likes me. He then blocked my number and snapchat even though I wasn't harassing him or calling him at all. Why did he get so mad? What should I do? Should I try to talk to him a day be sympathetic or be a bitch?


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  • He's dumb for getting pissed off at the first comment you made but you took it wayyyyyyyy too far by talking about his girlfriend doing better. It's pretty understandable that he did what he did after that.

  • Nothing. Do nothing. You are the ex. Just move on.


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