What's his problem?

Him and I were in a relationship at one time and then I discovered that he wasn't single like he said but married. Then he comes out and admits that he's married but he's seperated and getting a divorce which was also a lie. So we break up and he goes back to her, in between that time we still talked. One day last month we bumped into each other and she was in the car with him. He intentionally sent her to confront me and she was pissed, it almost led to a fight which a neighbor of mines stopped. Fast forward I see him again yesterday and he was alone. This time I'm at the light waiting to cross the street and he's in his work truck beeped his horn multiple times waved and kept going. Why is it that every time this man sees me he has to bother me in some way? What the fuck is his problem?


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  • He wants to mess with you.


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