Girls, I still love my ex-girlfriend but probaly won't be able to see her again?

After a little over a year of being boyfriend girlfriend her parents decided to pull the plug over a phone call without warning. They started ristricting how long I could spend with her she was still in HS. They let us be in her room with the door open. I didn't bother me I wasn't going to do anything stupid. All we did was cuddle but after a while they made us go back downstairs. Note we were crazy for each other we would spoon and honeymoon hug and kiss but not makeout and just fall asleep together. They never told us why untill they didn't let us spoon while on the couch and cuddle like we normally did on the couch. So in a nut shell they gave us more and more privacy and then started to take it all away. When we first broke up i though it was her but later relized it was her mom from the start. Her mom said she need to focus on her studies and collage but I stept aside for a week or so when her grades sliped because i was coming down too often. But after 2 weeks of being broke up I would have mental brake downs at work when all I could think about was her and continued for about a month. I still think about her but letting go is something im not good at.


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  • I understand how you feel, loving someone that you can't have, but for me I realized that just staying in touch made me happy as I was still in that person's life in a way (they are dating someone and are now avoiding me for reasons I don't know and it makes me stress and also have mental break downs). Try just contacting her, she may also be feeling the same way. Don't quickly start up the relationship as the mother doesn't like that, but tell her that if your willing to wait for her and that even if your not together at the moment, that you still care for her. You could also help with her homework as it seems that was the excuse of the break up from mom, so helping her with those shows you still care and your still with her. I hope this helps

    • Here is the issue I texted her about a month after the breakup. But her mom was the one to answer the text and told me she was happy and had moved on. But as her mom answerd the text leads me to belive she dosnt want her to find out I still love her. And knowing that I think she had been reading our texts to each other since day one.

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    • Note basiclly everything gose through her mom so doing something without her knowing is almost impossible. The only thing I can do is go to her school on my next day off during the week and find out the actally truth and trusting her sister that she will keep it betwwen us. But as I dont make enough to live on my own I can't simply make her the offer once she is out of high school she can come live with me. Once she is out of high school there will be no way to contact her without her mom knowing.

    • Hmmm, That's a predicament. You could do that, meet her at school, but you have to know very well, that her sister won't accidentally tell their mother. Does anyone at the school know you and your ex? Do they know that you two dated? That would most likely be one of her friends. Why don't you try to contact them if you know them and ask if they can give a message to her to quickly see you so you can ask a question? That way, her sister doesn't know and you can quickly ask the truth.

  • Well if she's under their roof she's bound by their rules. If you had asked her to marry you and leave with you if she loved you she'd go with you.


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