Day three of break up and it's my birthday now, how can I feel better?

He broke up with me on Friday then texted me at midnight last night, just saying "Happy birthday"... Happy? He's the one who made me miserable. I felt like replying with "Is this some kind of joke?" but I just left it.

I keep crying and don't know what to do. It hurts so much that someone could just leave me after over a year together, right before my birthday. The confusing part is he seemed really happy with me last week. I wish I never met him, wish I never loved him.

On his Christmas card to me, he even wrote that he'd like many more years together and that he "loves me loads"... Bullsh*t. He doesn't know how to love, it was all an act. Last year, he wasn't even there on my birthday, this year I get dumped.


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  • this year is not to sit around and think about how you got dumped... this year and your birthday is a new beginning and new occasion to start a new life.

    every person you meet causes a change in you, whether you realize it or not. no relationship will ever be a waste of your time. It will help you evolve, help you grow into a wiser person. that’s what i call ‘experience.
    the best thing you can do is learn a lesson from what happened in 2016 to avoid it happening again in the future 2017.

    volunteer to work at a retirement home or share a meal with homeless... it helps you inner-self, makes you feel like you have done something good, worthwhile.

    sorry for what happened+ happy birthday.
    Good luck...


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    • Do something you haven't done for a while. look in the mirror and smile to yourself and think of my Hugs to You ~!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR ~2017~!!!

  • You are allowing him to hurt you even more indirectly.. You need time to heal. Trust me, I understand that anger and empty feeling you have. It's an insufferable pain that can't be put into words.. Don't look for comfort anywhere. Let all of your feelings and emotions flow and get it out of the way.

  • Just say but that's pretty f•••ed to dump someone just before your birthday

    Just because you to broke up doesn't mean you can't be friendship just talk and wen I say talk I mean talk face to face NOT TEXT

  • Sounds cliche and silly but forget about him. Like proactively and willingly keep yourself so busy, rushing from one amazing place full of amazing people to the next that u have no time to feel sad or think about him


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