My ex says he misses me but refuses to meet and hang out? What would that mean?


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  • Your answer is in your title and question.

    He misses you but will not meet up. Means just that. Or to further elaborate, he means, he misses you but has no desire to see you in person... reasons might be:

    He's afraid he might catch feelings upon seeing you.
    He doesn't want a hook up to potentially happen.
    He misses what you once had but has no desire to get that back fully.

    Who know eh.

    • it's just the fact that he sometimes mentions activities that we "eventually" will do together (like visiting Japan together which we both love). It looks like what you said, but at the same time it doesn't. I'm confused so that's why I asked this question. He also never openly refused to See Me, he just would say he's too busy

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    • Did you get back together after that?
      I honestly don't know if he will ever hang out with me considering that we split up a year ago now and he never initiated contact first. He also mentioned that he's "talking" to this other girl but feels better being alone.

    • I know it's discouraging because it's been a year but, he's telling you personal life events and openly saying he misses you. I think he's probably has enough time away to realize he still wants you in his life in some capacity. I'll be surprised if he doesn't ask you to hang at some point.

      And for as my situation, yes we did briefly but shortly after she left again recently. So I don't know if she'll return now.

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  • It means he misses you but doesn't think that he should get back together with you.


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  • He misses you cus he remembers the good times you guys used to have
    He refuses to meet and hang out cus he remembers that the bad times you guys had outweigh the good times.

    It's kinda like how I love mexican food but I know I shouldn't eat it. Mexican food is bomb, but when I'm sat on the toilet suffering the consequences, I regret it. Hence why I dont eat mexican food despite how much I love it.

    Hope that helps.

  • A ex is ex for reason is how i see things, so consider the source bite your lip and give it time. He may or may not come around really hard to say.


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  • I can't say. If he really misses you then he will be glad meeting you, maybe he misses talking to you.

  • he doesn't miss u


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