Do you think he could come back to me soon?

We broke up because he wasn't really feeling it/wasn't feeling having a girlfriend anymore. it didn't make sense. He was obsessed with me, always showering me with compliments and always inviting me over and whenever i would even look at another guy hed get upset. Thats what baffled me when he just randomly said he didn't like me anymore, like? So anyway after the break up we have talked things over and i have apologised for not showing him any affection the way he wants and said that if i had another chance i would. he said he hates what he did to me and wish it never happened, but at the same time he just doesn't want to be in the 'stress' of being in a relationship.
He's said numerous times that i am better than him and that he will never find an equal replacement, and said he's not looking at any other girls.
Our relationship wasn't abusive it was simple but sweet, we're only 18 as well and we literally had so much fun together. Any tips on what i could say at our next conversation?
P. S he does text me to see how i am sometimes


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  • Send funny jokes/humors, and then send jokes/humors with inner meanings. Let him react...


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