This sounds like a trap, is it?

So a few weeks ago my ex and I had our biggest fall out that actually lead to us never talking again. There's more to the story but it's a fucking long story. I've been somewhat doing alright ever since then especially after she lied to everyone saying I hit her. Never laid one finger on her or emotionally abused her. Last night at like 11:45 I wake up to a missed call and voicemail from her. She sound very energetic and happy or something and she said "Hey _____, I'm just not in the right head right now but I wanted say hello and I just wanted call you and tell you happy new years and it's almost new years in puerto rico and it is good and also sorry if I hurt you or whatever um yeah I just want to make sure you're alive and stuff um which is good" I had to listen to it a couple of times to make sure this wasn't a dream. I didn't call her back because I believe to be a trap and there are a couple of points where she is giggling which makes me think she's trying to make fun of me in front of her friends. Either that or she's drunk but, I'm thinking it's probably the first assumption. Does this sound like a trick to you?


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  • It could be a trap for you to talk to her and get back into the relationship. I would think about why you two broke up before you talk to her and think about: if you contact her, the possibility that you two will get back together. And if you do, will you be able to love her like you did before? I wouldn't take the call to heart, it was before New Years and it possibly sounded like she was drunk or having a great time. It could've been a dare. I'd say, not really a trap, but something to watch out for.

  • I don't think its a trap per se but I think its her thinking that she can click her fingers and you will come running. What a nasty biatch telling people you'd hit her when you its false. Steer well clear of this nutter and don't bother with her sad pathetic arse ever again.


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