Should I have broken up with my boyfriend or not?

I broke up with him today because I didn't want to have to worry about him taking drugs and overdosing as he takes MD, cocaine and ket at raves and parties. But I told him that I would break up with him unless he stopped taking Xanax and Valium and only took MD at raves and parties that I wasn't going to. But he lied to me and had cocaine at two parties that I was with him at. He also deals drugs as well sometimes.

When I broke up with him today he said that he was trying to give up but I don't know if I can ever trust his word as he has lied before. So I told him the reason for us breaking up was because I did not trust him. But I love him so much and I miss him and feel as if i shouldn't have done it. He also told me he has no reason to not take drugs anymore so I am worried about him.

was I right to break up with him?
I've talked to my ex boyfriend's best friend and told him to look out for him because I'm worried he's likely to start taking Xanax again and I feel like he'll be better at stopping him than I will be as I don't think he'll be ready to talk to me for a while.


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  • You were right to break up with but you should still be there to help him considering he has so many addictions


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