Why do I subconsciously STILL dreaming about my ex after 4 years since New year's eve?

It took me three years to finally learn to move on. It was simply because I wouldn't let it go and put it behind me. Here I am 4 years later, perfectly relieved and recovered from the breakup that I wish I knew it was real or it was all in my head. One night, I just went to bed and woke up the next morning realizing what I just dreamed of and got me thinking like, "Wait.. What?"

Plus I want to get into this Clinical program at school, and my teacher said that we will be interviewed. I was literally about to make the worst decision of my life. I was about to throw my future away just because I didn't want to see him or hoping he wouldn't interview me. I'm gonna embrace it.

Anyways... I have no strings attached. No feelings. What's up?


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  • You love him

    • Let me check with my feelings. Nope. Clearly feel nothing for him. :) So, that's not it.

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  • well you need to start 2017 moving on. 4 years is already long girl. you need to start to move on, go out and meet someone. a piece of advice don't look for love, let love look for you.

    • I wouldn't even date the guys at my school... Plus I probably need a little boost to start starting bc i've never actually went out on a date (almost 17). Sad. I know lol

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    • Any advice on how to boost my confidence?

    • well im not saying you need to change, what i want to say is just try to change your life style, dress well put some make up, always smile. try to change hairdo. if you are conservative the way you dress, try some clothes that you look like sexy but still not to over revealing

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