How do you get over someone you really like , and you can't have them back?

He was my dream guy we clicked and share similar interests and I really do like him a lot but somehow
we are in a position that we can't be talking anymore. im full of regrets because one of the reason we didn't work out was something I did wrong and me not being careful, which was my fault and that now I Can't get him back. How do I get over him and this regretful feelings? Because he is the right one for me and i feel that i will never meet someone like him again.


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  • If he was truly the right guy for you, you two will be talking and will be together one way or another. Give it time. You cannot expect to heal so soon after having strong feelings for someone. Treat it as a break up and strictly follow no contact. Don't social media stalk. Do things you enjoy and read some break up books.


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  • i leave it to taime n make my mind busy with other things


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