Should I break up with LDR girlfriend?

So I've been dating this girl for roughly 6 months, we're both in college. She moved away (1hr by plane) just after we started dating. I'm the first boyfriend she's had. We've been visiting each other roughly every month, we text a couple of times a day and talk on the phone every now and then. We love each other, but lately the distance and missing me has caused my girlfriend a lot of grievance. She has communicated that she has started to have doubts whether the relationship is worth it, because she says it's really hard. This has caused her to be a little more distant with the communication, but not in person... she's still very loving towards me when we are together. I can also sense she invest less effort to see me, due to these doubts. She also has stopped talking about our future, I know this is a red flag. This is because she expects me to decide upon the fate of this relationship, and I haven't decided on anything yet. I really love this girl, we have a awesome time together, great sex and never argue. But I just want her to be happy, whether I'm in her life or not.

I can see 4 scenarios:
1. She has 2,5 years left of her education, worst case scenario is that we wait to her to finish her education, then move in together.
2. I could move to her place if I get a job in proximity, I finish school in 5 months.
3. Break up, find a way back together after the distance is gone (2,5 years). She said that this was best case scenario for her, I don't want this.
4. Or break up, just let her go...

tl;dr: Dating 6 months LDR, considering break-up due to distance and missing each other too much.


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  • I'm in a LDR with my boyfriend too, except he's a 7 and a half hour plane journey away from me lol. I have had those doubts about my relationship like your girlfriend has too, except the difference is I have overcome them and I'm willing to wait because I know it's worth it.

    A LDR is very tough and both people need to be on the same page in order for it to work. If she's not happy then maybe you should think about breaking up. It's obviously the distance between the two of you that's the problem so once that has been cleared up then maybe you two could try again? Option number 2 seems like the best idea in order to make it work, have you tried talking to her about that?

  • 1 hour is nothing.. communication is key...


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