How can I get him back?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for 4 years and we have been broken up for 3 years. An old "friend from high school was messing with him behind my back and I broke up with him. They've been together ever since.

Well I was too nice back then so 3 years later I've decided I'm taking back what's mine. He's still on my mind constantly. Even though he did me wrong, I still love him. We may not see each other every day or really talk yet but when I do see him I still feel like there's something there. I can see it in his eyes. I'm done being nice and I'm taking him back.

Right now I'm working on getting his number somehow so I can get back in contact with him. Does anyone have any success stories on getting a long term ex back when he's in a new relationship? Or do you have any tips? Any positive insight would be helpful. But if you don't have anything helpful to say or if you don't agree with what I'm doing please don't post.

I'm just going after who I love!


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  • This is tough because you's haven't been together for a long time. You have only one option here. Next time you see him tell him that you still have feelings for him, you've forgiven him for what he has done, and that you want to try again.

    Don't try to get his number from somewhere else and contact him. It could come off as creepy. Just full out tell him how you feel and hope that he still feels the same way.


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  • ill give you helpful tips but I want to warn you first. I know you don't want to hear this, but your playing with fire.
    Okay, now here's what you want to hear!
    Don't approach him. Just give him a nice inviting smile when you see him.. Then look away really fast.. It'll show him your interested again, but your trying to hide it which is adorable and sexy. Again wait until he approaches you because he will ! He'll probably go to social media and like some pics. Don't like any back.. Wait about 2 days.. You don't want to seem so anxious like you've been waiting by the phone. Soo take things slow and watch your prey come to you ( devilish laugh) Muah hahahahah. This will give you your confidence and make you less nervousy when talking to him. Then go like like one pic.. The moral of the story is.. Your posed to CHOOSE HIM.. DONT LET HIM CHOOSE YOU! Better saying is you'll choose rather he is the guy.. He doesn't get to decide between you and that bitch. Your the prize! Okay !! Also let him know you have a couple of guys your intertaining, but your just having fun.. Let's him know your single by choice and.. Makes him feel like he has to compete for you.. Men love to compete so don't be too available.. Your a busy bitch and your THAT BITCH!

    Now, things you don't want to hear !
    And I'm gonna tell you this because I try to keep things raw and real when giving advice so you can think about rather this is what you really want and not acting of off list.
    Say for example you get his number and things don't turn out to be so successful. Then what? Your heart is broken and you'll feel even more hurt than you did before and also you'll be regretful because you feel stupid.. You broke up with him for cheating with a bitch that was a friend and then he wife her? Wow so he's not even gonna try to get over you.. He's just gonna move on like that? Ands stay with her for 3 years? You don't want him, you miss him because he was all you knew and no one is possible candidates right now. It could go two ways.. He'll give you play, but might not leave her for you.. You'll just be the ex on the side orrr he'll leave her for you and she'll be the ex girl on the side and you'll feel stupid. either way you deserve better!!

    Okay, now here's what you want to hear!

    • Either way your someone he once cared about and probably still do and so is she. You had your turn

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  • So immature. A) he's not a possession and not yours to "take". B) he has obviously made his choice and is happy with it. C) after 3 years you really need to stop obsessing over him and move the hell on. D) this idea is incredibly petty. Pick one or all and realize you need to let it go.

    • Ok that's your opinion. He wasn't a possession back then either when he was taken from me. I let her have him back then because I was too nice. I've been too nice my whole life and the only thing I've gained from it is being used. So yea I'm done being nice and if I wanna take him back after 3 years, that's what I'm gonna do. Y'all can call me crazy stupid obsessed, call me what you want I don't care! But I'm going after what I want. You don't have to agree all I asked for was tips if anyone has any or has been through this. If you've never been through it you're not gonna understand.

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    • He doesn't respect you, he cheated, my ex never cheated. And he doesn't want you because he is dating someone else, and it only shows how little self-respect you have to even consider dating him again. It doesn't validate you if you can get him to dump the girl he cheated with for you and it doesn't change what he already did. He didn't cheat because of you, he cheated because he's an indecent coward.

    • My ex reached out to me and told me he loved me, I didn't chase him or interfere in his relationship because that was his choice and despite that, I won't convince someone to be with me, they either want to or they don't.

  • But he's with someone else. Is there no one else in the entire world?

    • Yes I know he is but you just wouldn't understand unless you were in this situation.

    • I don't want you all to think I'm a bad person, I'm not. The first thing I planned to do when I get his number is ask him is there any chance we'd ever get back together. If he says no then that's it and I'm leaving him alone. But my gut instinct is there's still something there and my gut is usually right.

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