It was stupid right?

Right so long story short, my ex and I decided to just be friends but things got weird when his dad got sick and he began to distance himself. I asked if he wanted time alone to which he said no but I asked again and he got annoyed and was rather rude, then I didn't hear from him again. I could see he had been out partying on the Friday but just didn't hear from him again, so I decided to just give up and disappeared. I honestly couldn't see it ending any other way, because he's the type who doesn't apologize or realize when he's done something wrong. I did ask if he wanted me to back off and he said no but it was obvious that he did. Anyway, this was like a month ago now, and I just wanted to ask about his dad and how he was doing, but I couldn't really ask him so I figured it'd be alright to ask his brothers girlfriend, though that was a mistake. She showed him my message in which I apologized for contacting her but that I just wanted to know that my ex and his dad was alright. This resulted in an extremely uncomfortable message from my ex, saying he didn't want me in his life and that I had no right to ask about how he was doing and that I should never ever contact him again or his family.

Of course I realize my mistake and I feel utterly horrible for having done what I did but this reaction of his, it just tells me that he hates me now.

It was stupid right?


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  • No, I don't think it was stupid. It shows that you care for him and his father. We're all humans, we care for one another, especially those we know and we had something special with. Just give him time, he's going through a rough patch in his life, and doesn't know how to handle the stress, so he's just lashing out. He seems like a very prideful guy and one that doesn't know how to express his feelings. He seems like the kind to bottle it all up until he flies off the handle. Wait a month or so more and if you really like him, you could message him saying sorry, and tell him your intentions (I'm not sure how he could misconstrue your intentions).

    • You've nailed him right there. He's extremely incapable of displaying or talking about his feelings, but the fact that he hates me pretty much proves that he did care in the end. I know I didn't do anything to hurt him but his inability to tell me what he wanted made it so that I did; i vanished and it upset him, but even if I had tried to talk to him it would have changed nothing. So, I guess you're right. He'll eventually see that I meant well or he won't.

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  • Just stop reaching out. Respect that

    • Well I intend to. I feel really bad about it, but it's his extremely hateful response I don't get. :/ It seemed like at any point I tried to do what was best for him he didn't care about me at all, but hatred comes from something... 😕

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