If my ex still has feelings, why won't he talk to me?

We split 2 months ago and I've not heard from him since nov 7th. His friend told me he misses me and does still have strong feelings for me. If that's the case, why not reach out? His friend also said he said let me down when we split. Im so confused. I tried reaching out on New years eve with just a new year well wish. but no response. I could be blocked I don't know. His friend also asked him if he was seeing anyone or going out on dates... my ex said he didn't want to, because he still likes the one he had.


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  • Looks like your ex has regrets, but has too much pride to come crawling back to you.

    • hmmm thats what i was afraid of. wonder if he'll ever let that go...

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    • if it were that easy... he won't talk to me at all... no response or anything.

    • Give him time. He'll either open up or move on. If he does either, so should you.

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  • If u broke up with him then he's obviously hurting and trying to move on on his own space. Id leave him alone

    • he broke it off not me

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