A co-worker of mine stopped wearing his wedding ring after I told him I was getting divorced. Is this a coincidence, or something more?

My co worker found another job, so we don't work together any longer. I also found out he just filed for divorce. I texted him to see how he was doing and he didn't text back. Is he not interested or is it just too soon and he doesn't want to talk?


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  • He may want you... be careful.

    This is a common subject. People always ask questions about getting together with co-workers

    This is a terrible idea.


    Because, everyone will talk about this. No, you cannot keep it a secret. Everyone knows "who's doing who". People can see the subtle looks, body language, etc. People will talk about you, in some cases, negatively, because they know it isn't cool.

    If the 2 parties are overt in their relationship, it creates a nonprofessional environment, which can lead to difficulties with the bosses.

    THEN, if the relationship fails. What then? Well, the talk gets worse. The two parties themselves may talk poorly about the other person. Rumors are started. True or false, a bad environment ensues.

    Nothing good becomes of this.


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  • Hahaha maybe he wants to get into your pants


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