Advice/help getting my female friend through a break up?

Hey all. Okay so I have these two great friends who I met when I moved schools last year, they were together for about 8 or so months a recently broke up, the relationship was well past its expiry date when they broke up in my opinion and she was only really with him I think because she was afraid not to be with him and wasn't strong enough to reach that conclusion for a while. The girl really wants to move on but the guy well I guess wants her back and so she's feeling really shitty constantly because she just can't move on. Like I want to support my friend and help her get through this, should I talk to the guy? I need some advice.

And no im not gay either lol I just really care for my friends and I don't want to see them hurt each other again.


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  • Yup don't fool around with her.


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  • I've talked with many people through their breakups. The best you can do is listen and be their support. For my super close friends, I find myself not only listening but giving my insight on the failures and shortcomings of both parties involved. But ultimately, listen.

  • Tell him that his wanting her back is making her feel bad and that he's being selfish.


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