How do I get my female freind back after asking her out?

Long story short, I fell for my 5 year old female freind. We were very close freinds and confidants. She started flirting with me a few months ago and I flirted back. I thought she was just playing but she started getting nervous around me and I embarrassingly enough got a crush on her myself. So I started acting more like a gentleman. Last month I asked her out on a date. She said that she was only practicing her flirting on me and that she never wanted to be more than freinds. She was sorry if she gave me the wrong impression. Crushed I accepted that we were only freinds and I started acting like her freind again. However she has been ignoring me and even when were in a group. I have to call her name to get her attention. She has changed is there a way that I can convince her that I'm over her so I can have her back as my close freind?


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  • first, clear up things between yourself... build a communication and tell her that you will be friends with her,, and she need not to feel awkward with what happened...

    • THanks for not being hard on her like the other immature men are. How can I go about doing that? What can I say or do to make her not feel really bad or awkward about it?

    • try to make jokes,, make it possible in this way that she feels comfortable in your presence... it's not difficult so much... give it sometime..

    • Thanks for the advice. It has been hard to talk with her she. Seems to be ignoring me. I have to call her name to get her attention.

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  • She seems like a mean bitch. 'Practising her flirting skills'? What the hell! Cut her out completely, you deserve better friends.

    • ok I should have phrased it differently. She thought we were play flirting and that i started it when I complimented her on her new dress that she looked great in.

    • Why would anyone 'play flirt'? The purpose of flirting is to show romantic intent, isn't it?

  • No real friend would "practice flirting," then ignore you. This is actually certified bitch behavior.


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