Its been 3 years now?

So its been three years now since me and my ex boyfriend broke up, ever since the break up we had no contact and nothing relating to each other at all. So i assume he must have dated other females and so on since i have dated other men but do you think after 3 years if I were to contact him that we could become friends?

We broke up before because he fell out of love and thought we weren't a good fit for one another and we were both really immature and had no idea what we wanted to do with our future career and so on. We dated for 3 years and a couple months.

Do you think after 3 years the past could remain in the past and we could be friends and maybe re-date if it gets that far.
So to just confirm, ever since the 3 years after the break up i had NO CONTACT and have not seem him since.


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  • Damn, how can you not move on after 3 years? Jeez, get a friends with benefits if you have to but don't let him dwell on your mind.

    For all you know he's probably banging other girls. Truth is he lost interest when he was with you and it's not a bad thing. You deserve the best man, not some who sees you as an option.

    • I said i dated other men so clearly i did move on, i just want a retry of the relationship if it could happy since we were only 21 and both stupid as fuck. Since i'm 24 now and graduated college twice and became more mature hopefully he has too.

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  • If he wanted to be a part of your life, he'll make an effort to be with you... but what i see... he decided to choose his own way from a long time ago... so don't bother to make an effort to reserve a space in your heart for people who don't make any effort to stay there.
    you've become mature person.. and the big challenge is to be different than what you were in the past.

    Good luck...

  • Do you have his contact? Do you know if he's single?
    If double yes. Go for it, because you know you want more than friendship.

  • I think after 3 years people generally have moved on , unless you see him somewhere or work together I don't see the reason to be friends at this point?

    • Have not seen him since, have not spoken to him since.

    • ok well then I'd assume by now he has moved on , no guy goes 3 years without dating and such , I'm pretty sure he has moved on , you've obviously dated other people as well by now

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