Will he forget about me during no contact?

No contact was the best option for this situation. He is with someone else right now, maybe theyll work out, maybe they won't. Him and i have known each other for just about three years now. In contact all day, everyday for those years. We did no contact before but it only lasted 4 months before he came back because he said letting me go was a mistake. Im wondering if hell forget about me, and not even wanna stay friends at the least which in all actuality were better off that way. I miss him like crazy. Its been two months almost since weve spoken. Im kinda hurt he hasn't reached out to me. I cared about him deeply.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Move on, let go of him. He will not forget about you just like you won't forget about him. But the two of you may not be meant to be together. There are a LOT of other guys out there, and knowing someone for 3 years is a drop in the bucket when you're looking at the rest of your life. It says your age range is 18-24 so lets say it's 24... By the time you are 29, you will have known someone you won't meet until 3 months from now for longer than you knew this guy before now.

    Don't let your life go by clinging to the romantic hope that somehow things will work out with this guy. It probably won't happen, and you will miss out on opportunities for much better partners and better relationships, opportunities for new happiness.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that, that sucks :/
    It seemed like you guys cared for each other.. I don't think he'll forget you that easily..


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