Should I message my ex about other girls, we have a vacation coming on Monday?

Okay, if you have seen my previous posts, you'll probably understand better but long story short: I broke up with my boyfriend a week ago and we're going for a booked holiday together on Monday. The reason behind the breakup is my anxiety issues that I just started taking meds for. I know he's a decent guy and would never cheat on me or anything, but now that we're not together I'm feeling tempted to message him. About what? To tell that I hope I can trust him on telling me if something happened with an other girl.

Why I want to ask? Because he wished that we can act as if we still were together when we go for the vacation. If I need to act like that, I just need to know there hasn't been anyone else. He said he wants me to go there with him, and I know he won't use me for sex or anything. I'd still like to get back together with him.

I used to ask silly things like that when we still were together, so asking this might worsen the situation.

Could you help me: what should I do? I feel weird if I don't ask but then I know I shouldn't. I could also ask it f2f before we go, but still I'd feel bad for asking..


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  • I don't think you should ask. It might upset him because he could think you don't trust him

    • Yeah that's why I didn't do it yet. Just annoys me bc I wanna know but then again, since he's not together with me, it's not my business..

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    • Um, en ymarran :D

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  • It's not silly at all to message and ask him. He is probably surprised you haven't asked already.

    Can you ask other friends if you think it would upset him that much? Nothing wrong with being Sherlock Holmes here. All is fair in love... as they say.

    • Actually I ended up asking and let's put it this way: it was very good. He understood me better than ever and now I'm even looking more forward on going to the holiday!

    • so he was expecting you to ask. I guess he reassured you? Lol...

    • I don't know he might, he knows how I am. But yeah, it seems he wanted to hear from me as well, but didn't even have the guts to ask how I am😂🙈

  • Depends


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