What is the right thing to do?

If you find out your boyfriend got into a relationship whilst he was still with you, would you leave him and tell the other girl? Considering that when you found out he begged you not to tell the other girl.
Or would you just leave him and walk away?
Also considering that he never asked for forgiveness from you and the last thing he said was don't mess up my life with my other girl.


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  • Eh, I wouldn't. Not because he doesn't want you to, but because it most likely wouldn't do anything.

    But if you really feel compelled to, I'd keep it short and unemotional. For example, "Hi, I'm _____'s ex girlfriend. Just wanted to let you know he cheated on me while pursuing you so be careful."

  • I'd tell, how would you felt if some girl knew about your man cheating amd saying nothing


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