Should I stay with my boyfriend of one week? Or should I break up with him for this guy I've been crushing on for two months?

So I liked this guy from my work for about two months because he's super cute and sweet, but also really shy, so after waiting around for him, I gave up. That's when my current boy friend came along and he's not ugly but not like hot or anything, but we talk like we've been best friends for years. I like his personality but I am his first girlfriend so he's super attached to me already and it is scaring me. It has only been a week and he's already asked me about kids... Like what? We're in high school. Other than his like super attachment to me though, he's really sweet and like buys me dinner and we tease eachother and it's just chill. After I taught him, he also got good at kissing. It's just weird because I feel like he's so much farther into/committed to the relationship than I am because he has already liked me for so long, but I like just started liking him after he asked me to be his girl friend. So today though, at work, I was talking to the kid I used to have a crush on, and snapchat came up so I was like "Oh you should add me on snap!" And his face lit up like he was so happy and now I think that he actually does like me, like he always finds an excuse to come talk to me and I think I might actually have a shot with him. So what should I do? Should I stay with my boyfriend? Or should I break up with him and try something with the guy from work? If you think I should break up with him, how can I do it without sounding like a whore/being a huge jerk to him? I was thinking of maybe just telling him that I am uncomfortable in how fast the relationship is going but I feel like that's not enough and like I'm already committed to him...


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  • It sounds like the best thing to do would be to break up. But only you know how you feel. But to answer your question on how to break up with him. Just be honest about it. He does sound a little bit too attached. Just say something like, "I've been thinking about our relationship and I think it's moving a little too fast. So, I think the best thing to do would be to break up." Just explain things a little bit so he doesn't feel like he's just hanging.

    You said you were worried about him thinking you were a whore/being a jerk. You don't even have to tell him about the other guy, it really doesn't matter since you said you weren't comfortable with the relationship anyway. About the being a jerk part, put yourself in his shoes for a moment and imagine the emotions he would go through. Think of comforting things to say to him and give him a minute to take everything in instead of leaving immediately after telling him. Hope this helped and good luck with everything. :)


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  • Just tell him your not comfortable. in how the relationships going


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