Is my boyfriend ghosting me?

I spent most my Christmas vacation back home with my guy friend skiing and my family. I squeezed in a few hours with my boyfriend on my way back home. I live 2 hours away. He seemed really sad and missed me, said he wondered if I secretly liked my guy friend. I felt bad he seemed like he didn't want to let go of me.
I told him I didn't realize I had missed him and that I feel like I want to say i love you but get scared of my feelings and I know I don't really love him yet. He seemed quiet.
Next day he texted a few times but I could barely respond I was busy. Texted him when he was sleeping and haven't heard back in 24 hours.


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  • He's trying to kill you. Go into the witness protection program immediately.

  • Yes, communication barrier.

    Call him up

  • I guess its possible but it hasn't really been that long , I'd give it some more time before coming to a conclusion


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