It feels great to finally move on and have no feelings for someone, doesn't it?

It took me three years to learn to move on, and I haven't seen my ex face at school in a LONGGGG time. When I did today, I sorta over thought it but eventually i looked back I was like "Hahahaa, and I thought I couldn't move on? Look where i'm at." 4 years and still made it. But, when he didn't notice me, I could tell it wasn't real and it was all a set up game from someone else that just pretended to be him.


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  • It's an amazing feeling to know that you are okay now and that you will not get thrown back into that emotional turmoil by seeing your ex's face!

    It's nice to have that free feeling that comes with all of that :)


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  • Bruhh they guy probably still has feelings for you

    • Bruhhh I doubt he even have feelings for mee. :) Even though, I see him in my subconscious dreams?

  • Wait until you grow a little more and it will feel fantastic just to be able to be independent and free

    • I've independent and single all my life :P Feels great at times.

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