Do you think my feelings will come back when vacation is over?

I feel like I'm losing feelings for my girlfriend. she is back home for vacation over seas and I'm occupied with school. (taking a class during break).
we rarely ever FaceTime, sometimes text a few days of the week but that's it since she is always out drinking and reuniting with friends and family.
I feel single again and I spend more time with my friends and meeting new people.
I feel I dont even need her in my life anymore.
she sends me snapchats that she loves me but I hardly ever respond because when i see her, I don't really feel it. I don't know what I mean but yeah.


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  • Okay if it's over, it's over, talk to her about this, tell her. Just be slow okay? You don't wanna fuck up her feelings. Tell her tho. Best of luck for this.

  • Time to move on. The romance is gone.


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