What was his intentions behind putting up that snapchat? Don't understand it?

Basically me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago we met up once and I initiated just like I initiated every other conversation etc. Basically he's not one to put up snapchat stories and he put up one of his dad a week after we broke up and he went on holidays last week to visit his grandad and went skiing he had wifi but put none up there but was seeing all of mine. I go to college five minutes away from my house and e goes to college 25 minutes away from his he lives the other side of the city. On Tuesday he put up a snap chat story of him studying in my library on my college down the road from me also I have to add in we both studied there for our end of school exams and is where our first dates were so it as a place has sentimental value for us, I don't understand why he would go to a library 45 mins away when his own college is closer. I don't understand why he would put up a picture of his laptop saying change of scenery yet he was on holidays had wifi posted a couple instragrams but put nothing up on snapchat. I don't get what his intentions were as I'm the only person who would know where he was and the only person he knows in the area. My question is why would he put that up was it to get me to talk to him? He's not a malicious or mean person so I know endidnt put it up to upset me. It's just strange considering he never puts up anything so why is the one thing he does put up my college but also in my area? Any ideas would be great as I'm struggling to come to a conclusion. It would be like me not snapchatiig anything for ages going to his area and putting one up its weird and confusing. Please help I need to try understand what it could mean. Is it a sign he's starting to miss me I really am confused. Thanks guys.


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  • Might need to ask him. If he's trying to send hints to you that he's around that's an immature thing to do. If you've always initiated then it's more important to you than him right now. You have to under stand some guys are fine with breaking up but if they haven't found anyone else and you reach out, they will see you. You're what's comfortable and convenient until they find someone else. It's why some couples do the on again off again stuff instead of just moving on before you ruin a nice clean break up. If he doesn't initiate contact leave him alone. I would not want someone if they don't want me.

    • He asked for a break than a break up so it was all very back and forth. I'm just gonna give him space he said reason he hasn't contacted me is because he doesn't want to upset me by contacting me. I want to be with him but I agree with you I'm not gonna go out of my way he has to come to me, but I definitely see that snap chat story as some what postive even though it was immature he must have been thinking of me.

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    • No problem girl! Keep me posted!

    • Oh I will when he comes crawling back hahaha jokes on him his loss. What's meant for me won't pass me, boys at my age can be like this

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