EX Boyfriend Being Distant? HELP?

So my ex was hitting me up, asking to Skype and talk on the phone (mainly because we were both bored) but while he was visiting family with his dad, he was striking up conversations, texting me "good morning" and sending me random pictures of random stuff. He came back to my town (where his dad also lives) and he visited me, we hung out and worked on my props for my photoshoot, for my birthday (he does photography) and one night we were drinking a little & I got tipsy, we were play fighting and he kissed me... A LOT. Before he even thought about sex, I told him I was on and he started laughing lol... The next few days he was playful still, kept brushing up against me and touching me... but when he went back home, he became distant. He's supposed to be coming back down here soon to do my photoshoot, but I don't know what to expect. I'm overreacting (or maybe not) thinking that he's moved on. But another part of me thinks he's just trying to cut off any emotions towards me. I'm so confused!

We're both 21 (well I'm soon to be 21 in the next 3 days).. I want to ask him if he's moved on but I don't want to be vulnerable and look desperate... Why kiss me and flirt and then be distant. He even asked did I miss him while we were hanging out, then told me we should've stayed together since he was still buying my stuff for me. He broke up with me by the way (due to stress, he had a heart attack, it's a LONG story) in a way I'm glad we broke up, because I see a lot of things I can work on and what he can work on. But him flirting like that and then being distant is tearing me apart. I really want to text him and talk but that would make it awkward. PLEASE HELP! Should I confront him and ask him what's going on? Or act like I don't care and see what happens when he comes back to visit and do my photoshoot? Guys, I REALLY need your help. I don't won't to get my hopes up just to be crushed again.


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  • I think that you need to tell him. Sounds to me that there is love there on both sides.


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  • Is an ex... Sorry that's all I read. But is just an ex. Do u want to be a on and off couple? I mean let the "wounds" heal and move on. And if both are mature enough to want to try again do. But not when the "breakup wound" is still fresh otherwise is not going to be a smooth relationship

    • I completely agree. I just cut off all contact with him today. Maybe I'll give him another chance one day if he and both have changed. But I'm just focusing on me for now. He can do him and I'll do me

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