I can't shake my feelings for him?

I'm still in love with my ex. We been broken up for 4 months now and he moved on to someone else and I can't even shake my feelings for him. I tried to move on by keeping myself busy and hanging with friends and family but it don't help me. I miss him so bad it hurts. He said when we broke up that he loved me more than himself that he needed to get back to loving himself. We was together for almost 2 years and he rather be with someone else than to work it out with me.


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  • Well it definitely hurts I spent a year beating myself up before. But you are doing what you need to with spending time with friends and family. The feelings will still be there but you are doing something other than focusing all your attention on it. After a while I finally put it in my head that if she valued any of the things we experienced or did together or thought much about me she would still be with me and not just a memory.

  • I think you are making one right decision on staying busy. If you stay hung up on why.. You will never move forward, The best thing to do is to start to let go. It's going to be tough, but beneficial when you decide to date again.

    • how can I let go of someone that I still in love with and want to be with

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    • easier said than done I tried everything nothing is working I still think of him and I even had dreams of him I just wish he would come back already he belongs with me

    • My last post was describing easier said than done! I know that hurt.. I more than understand that empty.

  • He was your first.

    • No but he was the first man I lived with and the first one I loved so deeply for

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